Airport Rail Links

Among the various types of airport transportation services, the airport rail link is very popular and is used by a large number of air travelers. The train service from the airport to the nearby city can be via the main line, by commuter trains, light rail, or by rapid transit. Where there is a direct link to the airport, train can go up to the airport terminal. In the absence of a direct line an intermediate shuttle bus service is required to take the travelers from the airport terminal and back. Shuttle bus or a people mover is used for this purpose. Most of the airports today are connected with the city by airport rail links.

Faster, cheaper and more convenient

The airport rail link services enable faster transporting of larger number of travelers and provide easy interconnection. Among the various types of airport transportation services, airport rail link services offers the cheapest way of transportation. It can accommodate more number of travelers as well as more luggages. When more number of air travelers are moved by the railways, there will be less congestion on the highway and parking congestion also is reduced considerably. The pollution due to traffic also will be less and this system creates additional business opportunities. The airport rail link services enable the airports to draw more number of passengers through an easy access.

Ensuring seamless transportation

By way of providing different types of mass transit systems like rapid transit or light transit to the airport terminals from the city, there can be full integration with other types of public transport in the city. This system ensures seamless transport from airport to all parts of the city. The frequency of service also will be more. On the way to the city, there will be intermediate stops also. The airport railway service can be made faster by providing a separate people mover from the mass transit station to the airport terminal that functions with the help of automated systems. 

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